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“We didn't actually overspend our budget. The allocation simply fell short of our expenditure.” 
Keith Davis

"After the government takes enough to balance the budget, the taxpayer has the job of budgeting the balance." Unkown


Budgets continue to increase ...where will the money come from to pay for all this? (See the Media Section)

When property owners that care legally appeal and their taxes are reduced how does the county make up or equalize the budget short fall?

Is it with those that don't care to appeal?

Are your property taxes too high?"

According to the National Tax Payer Union, "Experts estimate that up tp 60% of taxable property in the United States is over-assessed, and this leads to higher property tax bills. Middle- and lower-income taxpayers are among the most often over-assessed. Yet typically fewer than 5 percent of taxpayers challenge their assessments, even though the majority who do hublot replica so win at least a partial victory when properly prepared."

38 townships

The Assessor's office opens the 38 townships at the 1st of the year in a random order. You have 30 days to appeal before they close. When you appeal you must match your home to tag heuer replica 3 other homes within a 1 mile ring of rolex replica your home in the following the categories:

1) Township
2) Neighborhood
3) Taxcode
4) Property Class
5) Class Description
6) Property Use
7) Building Sq. Ft.
8) Land Sq. Ft.
9) Age
10) Construction Materials